Our Services

We offer business systems and procedures that deliver world-class operational efficiency for “Asset Intensive” Agro-processing plants and other industrial Processing/Manufacturing operations.

Your Benefit

Production of the highest possible yield, quantity and quality, consistently, with the lowest possible cost.

Why is this needed?

  • Process must produce the expected quality consistently.
  • Process should produce the expected quantity consistently.
  • Process should produce at the lowest total cost possible.
  • Process should produce all this irrespective of the person who is running the processes.

How will optimize meet this need?

For New projects:
We can carry out Feasibility, Design , Procurement, Installation, commissioning and managed operations & maintenance services.

For Existing operations:
We offer managed operations & maintenance improvement services. Through up skilling teams, Plant operational support services.
OPTIMIZE will set up the right process, right people and system to get the most out of your operations.

Our Core Services?

1. Operational excellence consultancy.
2. Technical Engineering services outsourcing.
3. Training, skills Development and Mentoring.

Transforming your business

Put simply, we use the Plant Wellness Way methodology to transform manufacturing and processing businesses and value-chain into word class operations by eliminating waste of resources.

Transforming your business by using the PWW methodology will ensure that yours is a high performing and highly competitive operation.

What we do for you

    1. Factory Equipment Productivity & Operational Efficiency Audit & Improvement services
    2. Factory Life-cycle Asset management system, Design,implementation and risk management
    3. Training and Up-skilling on Industrial Asset management best practice.
    4. Quality System implementation and training
    5. Finance brokering for viable agro-processing & asset intensive value addition with clear social impact.

Training offered

Course topics include preventative maintenance, predictive technologies, and information
integration and information support systems and work order request generation.
Course topics include:
i) Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
ii) Risk Based Inspection.

Relates to methods and technologies used to execute maintenance work. Course topics include;
i) Precision maintenance.
ii) Best practices in lubrication, installation, precision alignment, balancing and post
maintenance testing.
iii) Applied reliability engineering for operating plants.
iv) Failure mode effects critically analysis.

Relates to methods and technologies used to control maintenance work. Course topics here include;
i) Maintenance planning and scheduling
ii) Standard Job plans.
iii) Spare part alignment and inventory management

Relates to methods and technologies used to develop a maintenance strategy develop to match
business goals. Courses emphasize a technically and financially sound maintence strategy
developed to match business goal. These courses also involves the following;
i) Risk Management Machine Optimization
ii) Total Productive Maintenance
iii) RCM for Maintenance Optimisation

Relates to methods and technologies used to evaluate maintenance work and strategy, there by
closing a loop and making the maintenance a continual improvement process. The course topics
i) Plant Wellness Way Methadology
ii) Reliability System for Operational Excellence
iii) Asset Management System for Operational Excellence
iv) Machine redesign and technology upgrade.

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